Free April 2020 Printable Calendar in PDF, Word, Excel

2020 April Calendar which is the fourth month in the presently followed Gregorian calendar, while it is the fifth month in the earlier followed Julian calendar. April is basically consisted of the 30 days and is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant months of the year.

April 2020 Calendar

April 2020 Calendar

The majority of us know the months of the year just by their name and the number of days which are the months made of, but if we try to understand the relevance of each month then we would surely get to know about in-depth facts about the month. Similarly, the month of April also holds several facts behind it, and in this article, we are going to amaze you by revealing all those facts.

2020 April Printable Calendar

April 2020 Printable Calendar

April which is considered as the official month or the symbol of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere region is actually the opposite of it in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, the month of April brings the season of spring, which is equivalent to the month of the October in the Southern Hemisphere.

April Blank Calendar 2020

If we talk about the derivation of the April month then it is not quite clear yet, however as per the Romans empire the month has been derived from the Latin word “Aprills” but then it is quite unclear to be believed by.

April 2020 Blank Calendar

As per the other theory, the name of the month has been derived from the “Aperire” which means open. This meaning is quite justified as in the month of April nature tends to open in the context of greenery, and moreover, April is considered to be the month of Spring in the majority of the places in the World.

2020 April Calendar PDF

The most of you would be amazed to know that earlier the month of April used to be the second month of the Roman calendar, but later after the introduction of the January and the February it became the fourth month of the year.

April 2020 Calendar PDF

The month of April is known by the different names across the various countries for example in China it is known as the Siyue, in France it is called as Avril, In Italy, it is called as Aprile so there may be such different names of this month across the various countries and the languages of earth.

Facts About the Month of April

April Portrait Calendar 2020

April 2020 Portrait Calendar

We have above provided you with the general overview about the month of the April, and with a view to make you aware with the month of April in depth we are further providing you with some other facts which you should be aware with.

    • In Greek culture, it is believed that the name of the April month has basically been derived from the name of Greek Goddess whose name is Aphrodite.
    • The people who are born in the month of April from the March 21st to April 19 are said to be born with the Aries zodiac sign, while the people who are born in the latter part of April which is from 20 April to 20 May are said to be born under the zodiac sign of Taurus.
    • There are the two flowers Daisy and the Peas which symbolize the month of April, as it is the official month of Spring and further the Daily implies the innocence and the pure loyal love while the Peas is the symbol of pleasure.
    • To the people who have their faith in the birthstones, diamond is the birthstone for the people who are born in the month of April, and it is the hardest object on the planet earth.
    • The month of April is used by the majority of the countries to announce this month as the month of the awareness, for example in the United Kingdom April is celebrated as cancer, mathematics awareness days.
    • If you believe in the superstition then you would be shocked to know that 3 out of the 8 United States presidents deceased in their office in the month of April.
    • Who doesn’t know the world famous poet William Shakespeare but the majority of us don’t know, that the renowned poet was born in the month of April and later deceased in the same month.
    • The majority of us know and believe that the name of the April signifies the month of spring and the symbol of love, while the other meaning of the April is hairy in some particular languages.
  • April is also known as the birth month of the world famous personalities such as the Leonardo Da Vinci, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth etc.

Holidays and the Memorial Days in the Month of April

2020 April Landscape Calendar

April is the significant month in the United States in the context of the holidays and the other such memorial days.

April 2020 Landscape Calendar

If we list out all the memorial days of April then almost every other day is special about something, yet if you want to know about the significance of this month in the United States then we urge you to go through the below-mentioned list.

    • 1 April- Day of Cesar Chavez
    • 2 April- Pascua Florida Day
    • 6 April- National Tartan Day
    • 9 April- National Library’s workers day
    • 14 April- Palm Sunday
    • 15 April- Tax Sunday
    • 21 April- Easter Sunday
  • 22 April- Easter Monday

So, there above we have mentioned only the significant days of April which are celebrated in the United States. There are many other special days in the month of April about which you can search on Google.

The Worldwide Climate in the Month of April

April Calendar With Holiday 2020

Well, for the climate lovers it would be an interesting fact to know that April is considered to the third warmest month of the year on the global scale.

April 2020 Calendar With Holiday

We all know the April as one of the most pleasant months of the year since it is the official month which brings the lovely climate of spring in the majority of the counties.

April 2020 Excel Calendar

There is the other fact which states that the month of April has continuously got warmer after the year of 1985 due to Global warming. It is a well-known fact the overall temperature of the earth is rising by every passing year and thus the month of April is also getting into the zone of summer in many countries now.

April 2020 Excel Calendar

It’s believed that the month of April has so far become 3 degrees higher in the context of the temperature ever since we have had the industrial revolution on the globe. Overall the climate in the month of April is still pleasant to the majority of the people and over the majority of the places on earth.

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