Download Free October & November & December Calendar 2019 Template

The events of October calendar 2019 are Columbus Day celebrated during the month of October, this day is a very important date of history. On this day Christofer Columbus comes back from a long voyage. The American countries celebrate this day as the anniversary of Christopher Columbus. This day in American history become special dates

Halloween is an event, which is celebrated in countries of America. It is festival cum game event in which people use to wear a different type of mask looks scary to another person. During this day people believe that some spirit things appear on earth. So they make a tradition to look like a ghost. This festival is celebrated on a big platform, kids of all the groups enjoy this festival very much. They feel very excited about this occasion

2019 Printable October Calendar Template

Free October 2019 Calendar Printable

  • National Pizza Month, Pork Month, Sausage Month are also celebrated in the U.S.A.This event is celebrated as food festivals, there are different food items are prepared during this day.
  • October Revolution considered as a historical movement takes place in this month. This is the revolution took place in Russia by the Bolshevik party, one of the oldest part of Russia
  • There are some famous personalities from our past dates born during this month, here are some name of the Alfred Nobel, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, etc.

November 2019 Calendar Printable Template

Free Sample November 2019 Calendar

Special events of November month 2019 are following

  • Thanksgiving is one of the famous festivals of American countries. This festival is celebrated as the crop festivals. Harvesting of crops is done in this month to share the happiness of this occasion people meet with their friends and relatives and friend and say thanks to each other and God to have this great life and food.
  •  First World War from history take place during the month of November. People from America celebrate this month as WWI day.
  • On the first November 1995, the apartheid system comes to its end in South Africa
  • famous personalities Bruce Lee, Jagdish Chandra Bose
  • No Shave November is celebrated in some part of the world as the cancer awareness day. This is a step to make world cancer free. This is an important awareness program, people of countries make other persons aware of cancer and its causes.
  • November is considered as an auspicious month for prayers, During this month the terms used in the worship time is on sale. If you want to buy these items it will be available at a very low price.

December 2019 Calendar Free Download

Free Download December 2019 Calendar

The important dates with additional information of 2019 December month are given here.

  • December is considered as the darkest December because this month gets the least sunlight in the northern hemisphere region. This is the month of winter in the Northern hemisphere sun is shifted toward the southern hemisphere, so this region experience heat during this month.
  •  December is also known as Human Rights Month because of universal Human right day is celebrated during the month of December.
  • Winter solstice appears in the northern hemisphere in this month, As you know the earth revolves around the sun so during this time the position of Earth is changed so the northern part of the earth gets the least sunlight during this month.
  • Farmers day in Ghana is celebrated in this month, Ghana is a country of South Africa where different types of species all over the world are found.
  • The beginning of astronomical winter appears during this month on 21st of December. The winter starts from the last week of the September month but according to Astronomy winters starts from 21st of each December.

Free 2019 October & November & December Calendar

October & November & December 2019 Calendar

Various types of calendars of 2019 are:

  • Blank calendar of 2019 of October & November & December
  • Blok calendar of 2019 of October & November & December
  • Landscape calendar of 2019 of October & November & December
  • Pdf calendar of 2019 of October & November & December
  • Sheet calendar of 2019 of October & November & December
  • word calendar of 2019 of October & November & December

October & November & December Printable Calendar 2019

October & November & December 2019 Printable Calendar

2019 October, November & December Calendar

October, November & December 2019 Calendar

  • Weekly calendar of 2019 October & November & December
  • The monthly calendar of 2019 October & November & December
  • The yearly calendar of 2019 October & November & December
  • Horizontal and Vertical calendar of 2019 October & November & December

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